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Introduction & Purpose:

We, Better Records Aotearoa, aim to provide a safe, healthy, respectful, and inclusive workspace for everyone and we are committed to living our values of inclusivity, honesty, respect and equity.

This Code of Conduct confirms our commitment to building creative industries free of any form of bullying and harassment, including but not limited to: Sexual harassment; violence; or discrimination.

This Code of Conduct outlines our commitment and expectations for ourselves and business partners to conduct themselves in accordance with the standards outlined in this Code of Conduct. It outlines the standards of behaviour that we expect from everyone we work with. We hold ourselves accountable to these standards. It does not anticipate every situation or circumstance; rather, it is a set of principles to guide conduct and decision-making in our work environments.

A breach of this Code of Conduct may lead to termination of our mutual contract or engagement. If we consider the breach to be of a criminal nature, we may report the matter to the police.

What do we expect?

Better Records Aotearoa seeks to help to address the systemic and harmful power imbalances within the creative industries which often relate to gender, sexuality, ethnicity, minority status, age and dis/ability. This requires us to proactively create an inclusive and welcoming work environment.

We expect everyone, regardless of their power or influence to make a commitment to:
  • be courteous, professional, and respectful at all times and towards all people - regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, minority status, age, religion, dis/ability, or role;
  • respect physical boundaries and space at all times and refrain from all behaviour that might lead to, or be interpreted as, sexual harassment or assault - e.g. do not initiate any form of unwanted affection or touching, make suggestive comments, make objectifying jokes or bater, or act in ways that are potentially lewd, sexual and/or offensive.
  • maintain awareness of power imbalances in the workplace and placing unnecessary attention on gender, sexuality, ethnicity, minority status, age, dis/ability, seniority, or influence in the workplace; and take extra care not to abuse or take advantage of that imbalance if you are in a position of power.
  • actively challenge and address any behaviour that breaches this Code of Conduct, including breaches by those in power/senior roles.
  • not engage in, encourage, or condone any form of bullying, sexual or racial harassment, or discrimination.
  • ensure that a parent or guardian is present as a chaperone for all commercial dealings with minors under the age of 18.
  • conduct any communication or engagement, both prior and post our meetings, in a professional, respectful, and confidential manner.
  • follow and/or establish guidelines where needed with respect to ethnicity or cultural protocols./li>
  • maintain an awareness of potential power imbalances and take extra care not to abuse or take advantage of that imbalance.
  • ensure that all collaborative parties feel safe and comfortable in the recording environment and understand that the creative process will welcome all input thoughtfully and respectfully.
  • support the agency and autonomy of all to self-determine their own futures, including trans and gender diverse people and will challenge homophobia and transphobia if encountered. If unsure, offer personal pronouns (he/she/they/ia etc) when introducing yourself, before asking how others identify themselves.
  • commit to demonstrating a professional approach to the consumption of alcohol and use of substances. Excessive consumption and intoxication are unacceptable.
  • • acknowledge the duty of care in reporting or raising any incidents should they arise, upholding confidentiality and taking into consideration the safety and mental wellbeing of all parties in discussing such incidents.
  • be courteous, professional, and respectful at all times and towards all people - regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, minority status, age, religion, dis/ability, or role;

Who does the Code of Conduct apply to?

Everyone who works for Better Records Aotearoa, or uses our services professionally and everyone Better Records works with.

What happens if these expectations are not met?

If your behaviour falls short of what is set out in this Code of Conduct, we will seek to address this with you in a manner that is reasonable in the circumstances. This may include termination of our contract with you. If criminal behaviour is suspected, this may include reporting to the Police.

What to do if you believe this Code of Conduct is being breached?

  • We expect everyone to play an active role in creating a safer industry. We encourage people to speak up if they experience or see behaviour that breaches or is inconsistent with this Code of Conduct and we will support people to do that.
  • If you are unsure whether someone’s behaviour is living up to Better Records Aotearoa’s expectations, or if any behaviour makes you or someone else uncomfortable, we still want to know about it.
  • You can raise the issue directly with us at or you may want to see assistance from Soundcheck Aotearoa.
  • In reporting or raising any concerns you can be assured of confidentiality. You should also be mindful of confidentiality and consider the safety and mental wellbeing of everyone involved.

Better Records Aotearoa will not tolerate retaliation or discrimination against anyone for reporting a Code of Conduct breach or concern about behaviour of an employee or associate of Better Records Aotearoa.